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RIGID Radiance RGBW Backlight Lightbar

The versatility of the RIGID Radiance lighting family just got even better with the introduction of the Radiance Plus SR-Series. RIGID’s RGB LEDs provide the user with the ability to toggle between eight available back light options with the flip of a switch: Red, Green, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Amber, White or Rotating. The RIGID Radiance Plus SR-Series single row LED light bar is the perfect solution for those who want RIGID’s legendary quality at a level everyone can attain. Utilizing RIGID’s LED technology, the Radiance Plus light bars feature the same superior build quality as the rest of RIGID’s lighting products, providing reliable and efficient lighting on demand. The Radiance Plus SR-Series LED light bars are built with the same sleek low-profile high-grade aluminum alloy housing as the legendary SR-Series, but that’s where the visual similarities end. Inside, the Radiance SR-Series is feature-packed, with a black exposed circuit board, optimized forward projecting Broad Spot optics, prominent RIGID branding plates, and RGB LEDs with seven back light colors. Available in 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 inch lengths, and fits all existing SR-Series mounting options. Wiring harness and switch sold separately (#40200). The RIGID Radiance Plus SR-Series light bar is for the customer who wants a truly custom look, making it easier than ever to Own The Night.

Size Part No. Wt (Lbs) Optics Color Watts Amp Draw Voltage Max *Raw Lumens
10" 210603 5.00 BROAD SPOT Black 43 2.9 15 4896
20" 220603 9.00 BROAD SPOT  Black 81 6.2 15 9792
30"  230603 12.00 BROAD SPOT Black 137 10.5 15 16320
40" 240603 15.00 BROAD SPOT Black 197 14.8 15 22848
50" 250603 18.00 BROAD SPOT Black 262 19.1 15 29376